Türk Otomotiv Sanayicisinin Dergisi

Suppliers focus on innovative and value-added products triggered by technology and development

According to the data compiled at the end of 2017, Turkey ranks as the 14th major automotive producer with 78% average export rate in the world. Turkey has also become the 5th largest automotive manufacturer in Europe as of 2017.


Alper Kanca

TAYSAD Chairman of the Board


Turkish automotive sector has witnessed a significant transformation owing to a speedy industrialization, technical progress coupled with prominent harmonization with the international automotive industry since its foundation back in early 1960s.  This transformation has been reinforced, following the investments worth around USD 14 billion by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) during the period between 2002 and 2017.  With the support of these investments, Turkish automotive sector not only expanded its manufacturing capabilities but also fulfilled the outgrew international quality and safety standards and thus is now recognized as one of the robust production, export and engineering hub for the automotive value chain all around the world.  
According to the data compiled at the end of 2017, Turkey ranks as the 14th major automotive producer with 78% average export rate in the world. Turkey has also become the 5th largest automotive manufacturer in Europe as of 2017. With the sale of 987.000 units in 2017, the vehicles of Turkish origin enjoyed the dominant position among the vehicles coming from outside of EU.
The recent export data released in the first half of the 2018 also validate Turkish automotive industry’s success / competitiveness in the field of export. Turkish automotive industry has managed some $16.4 billion in exports with a 14.5 percent increase in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period of last year. The sales to the European Union and other European countries constituted 80 percent of the sector’s total exports as the automotive sector’s exports to these countries rose by 15 percent and reached $13.6 billion in this period.
Turkish automotive supplier industry is the branch that has been powering up the Turkish automotive sector. Accordingly, around 400 Tier 1 supplier companies work with OEMs with quality products. Additionally, more than 250 global suppliers have chosen Turkey as their production base. Component exports have also witnessed an increase by 13% CAGR over the past 16 years. It is worth noting that European countries, particularly Germany, are the top export markets for Turkish automotive supplier industry.
With the aim of remaining as center of excellence, Turkish automotive industry has incrementally focused on advancing its effectiveness and efficiency in the fields of R&D, design and branding.  New set of legislation on R&D, launch of project-based support, increase in the number of R&D and design centers contribute to this objective. There are 145 R&D and design centers that operate in the automotive manufacturers and suppliers industry as of 2018.  Accordingly, the automotive sector remains as the sector that makes the most R&D investment compared to other sectors in Turkey. The actors in the automotive industry have been focusing on the innovative and value added products triggered by the latest technologic developments and R&D. The electrified, autonomous automotive, digitalization shared and connected technologies along with the environmental friendly technologies are the new agenda topics in the Turkish automotive industry.
TAYSAD, Association of Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers, which represents 75% of the output of the automotive supplier industry and 85% of the industry’s exports, attaches great importance to the abovementioned developments in the automotive industry. It aims at, positioning the Turkish Automotive Supplier Industry into the top ten in the Global Automotive Market through its Design-Technology-Logistics capability by 2030. We believe that with our 408 members, we are going to achieve our objective.
This issue of our magazine is a special issue, released for “Automechanika Frankfurt” and “IAA Hannover”, two of the most exclusive exhibitions of the automotive industry. Professional staff from our association will participate in the fairs to help promote Turkish automotive industry, as well as our magazine.
I wish for both visitors and participating members of TAYSAD the best in the fair, which will hopefully help many business deals to be established. We will proudly represent Turkish automotive supplier industry in Automechanika Frankfurt and IAA Hannover fairs.