Türk Otomotiv Sanayicisinin Dergisi

Turkey is an Automotive Country


Our aim is for Turkey to be among the top 10 countries globally by 2030 in terms of design, supply and technology. In order to achieve that, we are planning to present smart, environmentalist and sustainable solutions. 


Albert Saydam

Chairman of TAYSAD Board of Directors


urkey's share of the world's gross national product is around 6-7 per thousand. In terms of automotive vehicle production, its share in total production in the world is 1.9 percent. These figures show that Turkey is an automotive country. The supply industry, which produces the latest technology in the Turkish automotive industry, is an important building block of the sector. As TAYSAD, our aim is to take the necessary steps together with our stakeholders to make Turkey stand out in the global automotive sector. As the sector is being redefined, we undertook the mission of moving Turkey further in the automotive industry.
Turkish automotive industry has more than 60 years of experience
Our automotive industry has continued its development in a fully competitive environment created by the Customs Union process between the European Union and Turkey. Today, it has proven its international competitiveness with its achievements. Our industry, which internalizes sustainability and change, has transformed its structure into one that is suitable for serving developed markets. It has expanded its competitiveness in production with the steps taken in R&D and innovation; it has achieved the capabilities of designing vehicles from scratch, designing, and supplying parts to these vehicles in a timely manner and in the desired qualities.
The increasing share of telematics and electronics in vehicles, the development of new vehicle technologies with alternative fuel usage and autonomous vehicles necessitate changes in many areas from product development to after-sales services and the supply industry. In a world where the description of automotive is rewritten again, we aim to increase our share of global trade by taking the right steps based on our past strengths and experiences.
Instead of short-term opportunities, we have focused on our responsibilities
Various negativities and tensions existing in our geography also create some opportunities for our country. However, as TAYSAD, we prefer to focus on our duties rather than the opportunities arising from the tensions in the region. We believe that in an environment of war, it is not possible to make plans for investment and the future. Instead of the short-term opportunities arising from a war environment, we aim to get a share of the welfare that the peaceful environment will provide.
We would not want to use the term “opportunity” in the same sentence as “war”, however it is obvious that there is currently a corridor that exists for us. In this aspect, the aim is not opportunism. We are ready as a country, as a sector and as an association to work towards world peace and for the advancement of the global economy, The war in Ukraine has taught us things we didn’t know. We were initially reminded of how important the chips used in automobiles were during the pandemic. As the pandemic continued and the war in Ukraine started, we also realized the importance of the raw materials that we use.  
Turkish Automotive Suppliers are becoming more competent
Until now, we had been producing parts parallel to the technological advancements that were occurring with traditional vehicles. As we see the birth, advancement and spread of a new generation of cars, we have added new talents to support our 60 years of experience. New parts and services stand out as an important and essential service of our procurement industry. 
According to our recent studies and research, companies that produce traditional parts are expected to transform the way in which they produce. Most of the residual revenues will evolve from digitalized products or services provided in the digital environment. TAYSAD members possess the infrastructure and courage necessary to adapt to these new technological changes. We aim to become the best version of ourselves, taking our years of experience together with new talent to ensure our most productive self; and together with our stakeholders, we will take the right steps to ensure our goal is met in a short period of time. 
The Turkish supply industry internalizes the requirements of the automotive industry and prioritizes its interests over the interests of the company. The Turkish supply industry is the strong link of the automotive sector and therefore a value for both for the domestic manufacturers and the new global investments.
Electrification is the focus of Turkish Automotive Industry
We anticipate that the current investments on electrification in Turkey will soon be followed by new ones. Many global companies already ahead in electrification are looking for potential partners in Turkey. Therefore, we believe that we will be hearing new investment announcements in the coming 6 months. We also see that there are further battery or electrification investments coming soon.
With the publication of rules and regulations on charging stations and the announcement of investment incentives, we have started to see new investment in this area.  We, as TAYSAD and our members, are very pleased to see these developments. Our goal is to maintain our ability to produce 80% of a vehicle internally in Turkey as we reach 2030’s. 
As TAYSAD, we offer all kinds of support to our members.
As TAYSAD, we are keeping electrification studies on the agenda and trying to raise awareness in the developing mobility sector for a sustainable world. As TAYSAD, we offer all kinds of support to our members. We continue to develop our training processes on what the right process is and how to manage complex situations. We support the emergence of new ideas on new technologies, vehicle manufacturers' expectations and sustainability by bringing together our members.