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CGT50 (Çağatay) and Cengaver UAVs Receives Great Interest at SEDEC

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Haber Eklenme Tarihi : 22.08.2022 09:55:00

Turkey's innovative UAV manufacturer UAVERA exhibited its own CGT50 and Cengaver UAVs at Turkey's Homeland and Border Security Fair SEDEC 2022. The UAVERA booth attracted great attention from many domestic and foreign participants of the fair.

UAVERA, one of the innovative UAV manufacturers of Coşkunöz Holding companies in Turkey, attracted great attention from domestic and foreign participants with its stand and products exhibited at SEDEC 2022, the homeland security and border security fair. The representatives from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of National Defense, the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), the National Intelligence Organization as well as end users, procurement authorities, purchasing agents and SMEs from nearly 50 countries came together at the SEDEC fair held, with the support of the Defense Industry Presidency and the Union of Defense and Aviation Industry Exporters, for the third time in Ankara ATO Congress and Exhibition Palace Congress on June 28-30, 2022. At the fair, UAVERA exhibited CGT50 and Cengaver UAVs designed with national resources.
CGT50 and Cengaver UAV attracted great attention from visitors from the opening of the SEDEC 2022 fair to the last day. In addition to the representatives from the Gendarmerie General Command, many participants and company officials, especially the representatives of Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, Croatia, Pakistan and Kenya Ministry of Defense, visited the UAVERA stand and received information about UAVs and other products and activities provided by UAVERA. 
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