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Trends had been discussed at TAYSAD 9th Aftermarket Conference

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9th edition of Aftermarket Conferences', which brings experts from automotive sector together every year, is organised this year.

Alper Kanca had a speech at 9th Aftermarket Conference, was organised in cooperation with TAYSAD, OIB and OSS, with a special support from Turkish Republic’s Ministry of Trade. During his speech Alper Kanca stated that 200 out 1000 people in Turkey has a vehicle. In his speech, he said: According to the world average, 208 out of 100 people have a vehicle. This number is 940 in US, 700 in Italy, 650 in Poland and over 600 in Europe. When we look at Turkey, we are not close to global scale in vehicle ownership. We have to increase numbers of vehicles.
Indicating that the number of vehicles used in the world was 1.2 billion in 2017, Kanca said, “In 2018, this is expected to reach 1.3 billion. 37 percent of the vehicles in the world represent Europe, 17 percent represent China and 23 percent represent North America and 1.3 percent represents Turkey.
2017 has been a success
As a keynote speaker, OIB Chairman Baran Çelik said, “The automotive sector has historic achievements in 2017. The automotive sector, which becomes the export champion of our country 12th time, continues to grow rapidly and exports 80 percent of its production. Considering the first four months of 2018, we think we will achieve the annual export objective worth of 30 billion dollar easily. Çelik, who stated that they follow technological advancements closely to ensure sustainability of export, also said: The automotive industry should adapt all innovations, changes and consumer habits. That’s why the Industry 4.0 transformation has been on the agenda of the automotive industry. Another keynote speaker, OSS Chairman Rıza Sahin said: “The automotive industry continues to grow, with a 23 percent increase in the total number of units in the last 10 years. Aftermarket sector in automotive aims to reach 6 billion USD in 2020.
We aim to be the leader of the Eurasian region.
Sahin pointed out that aftermarket in the automotive industry will completely change with the industry 4.0 and said: We think that the prepared ones will win in this process and we also continue our work in this area. Especially we aim to be the leader of the Eurasian region.
Speaking at the 2018 Sector Evaluation panel, LMC Automotive Director Jonathan Poskitt stated that there has been a 3 percent growth in global scale in 2018 and said: In Europe, we have had a 12 percent slowdown in the economy, but regardless of last year economy is improving, sales of commercial vehicles have increased since 2009.
The number of driverless vehicles will increase
Poskitt, who pointed out that number of autonomous vehicles will soon become widespread, said: Even if it is not at all points in the world, the number of driverless vehicles will increase and become widespread around the world in around 2020-2045.
Speaking at the Automotive Supply Sector General Evaluation Panel, Frost & Sullivan Director Moosa Mubarek pointed out that the changing technologies affect customer expectations and behaviors and said: Now millennium children and women are becoming customers too. With they become customers as well, the automotive sector faces new expectations.  
Mubarek quoted the results of a study in Poland, “There is now a big trend for electric and autonomous vehicles. According to a survey in Poland, 44 per cent of producers and investors see electrical and autonomous vehicles as threats. If we see these developments as a threat, we can lose a lot. The reason why I give examples from Poland is that Turkey shows great similarities with the structures there, “he said.
Vehicle density in Turkey lower but has a good amount of spending per vehicle
Focus Market Aftermarket Sector Assessment Session Speaker, Wolke Aftersales Senior Advisor to Zoran Nikolic shared aftermarket data of the European G5 countries, Turkey, Russia and Africa. Nikolic, who indicated that European G% countries have a 73,1 million euro worth aftermarket, said: This figure is 3,8 Billion Euros in Turkey. There are 12 million vehicles in Turkey, which counts 141 vehicles per 1000 habitants. In Russia, the market volume is over 10 billion euros.
There are 41 million vehicles, and Russia counts 280 vehicles per 1000 habitant. Africa’s market volume is 8,7 million euros and there are 33,5 million vehicles. 79 vehicles per 1000 habitant. To summarize, Africa has a low density and low expense per vehicle. Turkey has a low density and yet high expense per vehicle. Russia spends less money per vehicle but vehicle density is high. European G5 countries is at where Turkey, Russia and Africa aims to be.

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